Prof. Yang Qingxiang Won the 8th Lu Xun Literature Prize
(2022-09-05 17:09:17)

On Aug. 25th, the award list of the 8th Lu Xun Literature Prize, sponsored by China Writers Association, was revealed. Professor Yang Qingxiang, Vice Dean of School of Liberal Arts, Renmin University of China, won the Prize for Literary Theoretical Review with his work The Landscape of Literary Writing in the New Era.

Introduction to the author

Yang Qingxiang, born in 1980, is now a professor and doctoral supervisor of School of Liberal Arts, Renmin University of China. He is among the list of Top Young Scholar of National “Ten Thousand Talent Program”. Prof. Yang once won the Mao Dun Literature Prize for New Writers and the Award for China Young Critic of the Year. So far, he has published over 60 articles on authoritative and core journals in his field, such as Literary Review and Literature and Art Studies, some of which have also been reprinted by Xinhua Digest. His other works include monographs represented by Where Is the Way Out for the Post-80s Generation and How Literary Imagination Relates to Social Problems, and poem collections represented by I Choose to Cry & Love You and The World is Something Like Zero.


Introduction to the work

The Landscape of Literary Writing in the New Era is the latest literary review on literary phenomenon, writing trends and representative writers and works in the new era in China. It mainly discusses the new achievements and trends in literary writing, including youth writing, non-fiction writing, new southern-China writing, science-fiction literature and AI writing. In the second part, the author quotes and interprets representative works of nine young writers who are active in the forefront of original literature, which exemplify the vibrant atmosphere among young writers and give the readers a creative and diverse Landscape of original literature in the new era.


Introduction to the award

As a literary award, Lu Xun Literature Prize is named after Lu Xun, the great pioneer of the New Culture Movement. It is one of the highest national literary awards, with an aim to reward literary writing and translation so as to foster development and prosperity in Chinese literature. The award is voted every four years by experts organized by China Writers Association. It has seven categories, namely the Prize for Novella, Short Story, Reportage, Poetry, Prose Essay, Literary Theoretical Review and Literary Translation. Since its inception in 1997, the prize has been awarded for eight times.

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